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Angel Ezquerra  committed 0586fbf

repowidget: Make double clicking an applied patch qgoto that patch (closes #1044)

The original behaviour was unapplying the double clicked patch (qgoto its parent).
This was the same behavior as the "Modify history/Unapply patch (QGoto parent)"
command on the context menu.

Note that the context menu command remains unchanged. This is desirable because
it makes it easy to unapply the lowest patch, without having to look for its

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/repowidget.py

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             if 'qtip' in ctx.tags():
                 qgoto = False
         if qgoto:
-            self.qgotoRevision()
+            self.qgotoSelectedRevision()
         if 'mq' in exs or 'rebase' in exs:
             submenu = menu.addMenu(_('Modify history'))
             entry(submenu, 'mq', qgoto, _('Unapply patch (QGoto parent)'), 'hg-qgoto',
-                  self.qgotoRevision)
+                  self.qgotoParentRevision)
             entry(submenu, 'mq', fixed, _('Import to MQ'), 'qimport',
             entry(submenu, 'mq', applied, _('Finish patch'), 'qfinish',
         menu = QMenu(self)
         acts = []
         for name, cb, icon in (
-            (_('Apply patch (QGoto)'), self.qgotoRevision, 'hg-qgoto'),
+            (_('Apply patch (QGoto)'), self.qgotoSelectedRevision, 'hg-qgoto'),
             (_('QPush --move'), self.qpushMoveRevision, 'hg-qpush'),
             (_('Fold patches...'), qfoldact, 'hg-qfold'),
             (_('Delete patches...'), qdeleteact, 'hg-qdelete'),
                    '--repository', self.repo.root]
-    def qgotoRevision(self):
+    def qgotoParentRevision(self):
+        """Apply an unapplied patch, or qgoto the parent of an applied patch"""
+        self.qgotoRevision(self.rev, unapplySelected=True)
+    def qgotoSelectedRevision(self):
+        self.qgotoRevision(self.rev, unapplySelected=False)
+    def qgotoRevision(self, rev, unapplySelected=True):
         """Make REV the top applied patch"""
+        # If unapplySelected is true and rev is an applied patch
+        # it will be unapplied (qgoto its parent)
+        # Otherwise, qgoto the selected revision
         def qpopAll(repo):
             cmdline = ['qpop', '--all', '--repository', repo.root]
-            self.runCommand(cmdline
-            )
+            self.runCommand(cmdline)
         ctx = self.repo.changectx(self.rev)
         if 'qparent'in ctx.tags():
             return qpopAll(self.repo)
             applied = True
             mqpatch = False
-        if mqpatch and applied and 'qparent' in ctx.p1().tags():
+        if unapplySelected and mqpatch and applied and 'qparent' in ctx.p1().tags():
             return qpopAll(self.repo)
         if not applied:
             patchname = self.repo.changectx(self.rev).thgmqpatchname()
-            thgp1 = self.repo.changectx(self.repo.changectx(self.rev).p1().node())
-            patchname = thgp1.thgmqpatchname()
+            if unapplySelected:
+                thgp = self.repo.changectx(self.repo.changectx(self.rev).p1().node())
+            else:
+                thgp = self.repo.changectx(self.repo.changectx(self.rev).node())
+            patchname = thgp.thgmqpatchname()
         self.mqDemand.forward('qgotoRevision', patchname)