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Elson Wei  committed 0a4b44d

repowidget: "Unapply Patch" should only effect on applied patches (closes #3330)

Revision with qparent tag is not a applied patch. The "Unapply Patch" action
should be disabled.

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  • Parent commits 98b5eaa
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File tortoisehg/hgqt/repowidget.py

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         if 'mq' in exs or 'rebase' in exs:
             submenu = menu.addMenu(_('Modi&fy History'))
-            entry(submenu, 'mq', qgoto, _('&Unapply Patch (qgoto parent)'), 'hg-qgoto',
+            entry(submenu, 'mq', applied, _('&Unapply Patch (qgoto parent)'), 'hg-qgoto',
             entry(submenu, 'mq', fixed, _('Import to &MQ'), 'qimport',