Yuya Nishihara  committed 0efe52b

shortcuts: give Ctrl+Shift+L for openlocal (fixes #2118)

Ctrl+Shift+O conflicts with "Show Repository Registry".

This unifies the shortcut for openlocal (=openfile), and removes the shortcut
from FilectxActions.editlocal, which was previously Ctrl+Shift+L.

In manifest view, Ctrl+Shift+E, which is the shortcut for WctxActions.edit,
is assigned not to editlocal, but to editfile action. I guess that's because
the manifest view is intended to handle committed (non-local) data.

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  • Tags 2.5

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

              _('View file as it appeared at this revision'), self.editfile),
             ('save', _('Save at Revision'), None, 'Shift+Ctrl+S',
              _('Save file as it appeared at this revision'), self.savefile),
-            ('ledit', _('Edit Local'), 'edit-file', 'Shift+Ctrl+L',
+            ('ledit', _('Edit Local'), 'edit-file', None,
              _('Edit current file in working copy'), self.editlocal),
-            ('lopen', _('Open Local'), '', 'Shift+Ctrl+O',
+            ('lopen', _('Open Local'), '', 'Shift+Ctrl+L',
              _('Edit current file in working copy'), self.openlocal),
             ('copypath', _('Copy Path'), '', 'Shift+Ctrl+C',
              _('Copy full path of file(s) to the clipboard'), self.copypath),

File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         make(_('&Diff to parent'), vdiff, frozenset('MAR!'), 'visualdiff', 'CTRL+D')
         make(_('Copy patch'), copyPatch, frozenset('MAR!'), 'copy-patch')
         make(_('Edit'), edit, frozenset('MACI?'), 'edit-file', 'SHIFT+CTRL+E')
-        make(_('Open'), openfile, frozenset('MACI?'), '', 'SHIFT+CTRL+O')
+        make(_('Open'), openfile, frozenset('MACI?'), '', 'SHIFT+CTRL+L')
         make(_('Open subrepository'), opensubrepo, frozenset('S'),
             'thg-repository-open', 'Shift+Ctrl+O')