Steve Borho committed 15f37a8

commit: proper method for discovering parent of qtip

Fixes #163

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     def shelvefunc(ui, repo, message, match, opts):
         # If an MQ patch is applied, consider all qdiff changes
         if hasattr(repo, 'mq') and
-            basenode = repo.lookup(-3)
+            qtip = repo[None].parents()[0]
+            basenode = qtip.parents()[0].node()
             basenode = repo.dirstate.parents()[0]
         if self.mqmode and self.mode != 'status':
             # when a patch is applied, show diffs to parent of top patch
-            n1, n2 = repo.lookup(-3), None
+            qtip = repo[None].parents()[0]
+            n1 = qtip.parents()[0].node()
+            n2 = None
             # node2 is None (the working dir) when 0 or 1 rev is specificed
             n1, n2 = cmdutil.revpair(repo, self.opts.get('rev'))
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