Peer Sommerlund avatar Peer Sommerlund committed 160e2fe

overlay: overlay handler no longer provides icon

The TortoiseOverlays.dll provides the icons, not the individual handlers.
Of course we could make some indirect way to change icons, but this would
show through on all other tortoises as well. For now, we simply ignore icons
and live with those provided by TortoiseSvn.

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     _reg_threading_ = 'Apartment'
     def GetOverlayInfo(self): 
-        icon = thgutil.get_icon_path("status", self.icon)
-        print "icon = ", icon
-        if icon:
-            return (icon, 0, shellcon.ISIOI_ICONFILE)
-        else:
-            return ("", 0, 0) 
+        return ("", 0, 0) 
     def GetPriority(self):
         return 0
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