Peer Sommerlund  committed 1a2c7c1

overlay: Use TortoiseOverlays.dll for overlays

This change will make it possible for THG to coexist with TSVN and
TCVS by sharing the overlay handler. The overlay handler is
TortoiseOverlays.dll which is assumed to be installed before you
install THG.

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File tortoise/

             print "IsMemberOf: _get_state() took %d ticks" % \
                     (win32api.GetTickCount() - tc)
-def make_icon_overlay(name, icon, state, clsid):
+def make_icon_overlay(name, icon_type, state, clsid):
     Make an icon overlay COM class.
     prog_id = "Mercurial.ShellExtension.%s" % classname
     desc = "Mercurial icon overlay shell extension for %s files" % name.lower()
     reg = [
-        (_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, r"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers\%s" % name) ]
+        (_winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, r"Software\TortoiseOverlays\%s" % icon_type) ]
     cls = type(
             (IconOverlayExtension, ),
-            dict(_reg_clsid_=clsid, _reg_progid_=prog_id, _reg_desc_=desc, registry_keys=reg, icon=icon, state=state))
+            dict(_reg_clsid_=clsid, _reg_progid_=prog_id, _reg_desc_=desc, registry_keys=reg, stringKey="HG", state=state))
     # We need to register the class as global, as pythoncom will
     globals()[classname] = cls
 _overlay_classes = []
-make_icon_overlay("Changed", "changed.ico", MODIFIED, "{102C6A24-5F38-4186-B64A-237011809FAB}")
-make_icon_overlay("Unchanged", "unchanged.ico", UNCHANGED, "{00FEE959-5773-424B-88AC-A01BFC8E4555}")
-make_icon_overlay("Added", "added.ico", ADDED, "{8447DB75-5875-4BA8-9F38-A727DAA484A0}")
+make_icon_overlay("Changed", "Modified", MODIFIED, "{4D0F33E1-654C-4A1B-9BE8-E47A98752BAB}")
+make_icon_overlay("Unchanged", "Normal", UNCHANGED, "{4D0F33E2-654C-4A1B-9BE8-E47A98752BAB}")
+make_icon_overlay("Added", "Added", ADDED, "{4D0F33E3-654C-4A1B-9BE8-E47A98752BAB}")
 def get_overlay_classes():