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Yuya Nishihara  committed 1a5ee1c

thgrepo: recreate QFileSystemWatcher to restart monitoring (fixes #3298)

QWindowsFileSystemWatcherEngine seems to have a bug which makes monitoring
of ".hg" and ".hg/store" directory not restartable. After that, it cannot
detect deletion of lock files.


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         if files:
+        # QTBUG-32917: On Windows, removePaths() fails to remove ".hg" and
+        # ".hg/store" from the list, but actually they are not watched.
+        # Thus, they cannot be watched again by the same fswatcher instance.
+        if self._fswatcher.directories() or self._fswatcher.files():
+            dbgoutput('failed to remove paths - destroying watcher')
+            self._fswatcher.setParent(None)
+            self._fswatcher = None
     def isMonitoring(self):
         """True if filesystem monitor is running"""
         if not self._fswatcher: