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Yuya Nishihara  committed 1f7dfd2

resolve: correct vertical origin of context menu

As QTreeView is sub-class of QAbstractScrollArea, its context menu event is
mapped to the coordinates of the viewport.

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     def utreeMenuRequested(self, point):
-        self.utreecmenu.exec_(self.utree.mapToGlobal(point), self.umenuitems[0])
+        self.utreecmenu.exec_(self.utree.viewport().mapToGlobal(point))
     def rtreeMenuRequested(self, point):
-        self.rtreecmenu.exec_(self.rtree.mapToGlobal(point), self.rmenuitems[0])
+        self.rtreecmenu.exec_(self.rtree.viewport().mapToGlobal(point))
 class PathsTree(QTreeView):
     def __init__(self, repo, parent):