Steve Borho  committed 245be6e

sync: remove status tip updates on URL selections

The status tips were not necessarily accurate, if the current URL had been
changed since being selected.

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

     def canswitch(self):
         return not self.targetcheckbox.isChecked()
-    def refreshStatusTips(self):
-        urlu = self.currentUrl()
-        self.incomingAction.setStatusTip(_('Preview incoming changesets from %s') % urlu)
-        self.pullAction.setStatusTip(_('Pull incoming changesets from %s') % urlu)
-        self.outgoingAction.setStatusTip(_('Filter outgoing changesets to %s') % urlu)
-        self.pushAction.setStatusTip(_('Push outgoing changesets to %s') % urlu)
     def loadTargets(self, ctx):
         #The parallel targetargs record is the argument list to pass to hg
         'User has selected a new URL: newurl is expected in local encoding'
-        self.refreshStatusTips()
     def dragEnterEvent(self, event):
         data = event.mimeData()