Angel Ezquerra committed 24b2c07

repowidget: reorder the items on the Push context submenu

As discussed on the mailing list this changes the order of the items on the
Push submenu of the revision context menu so that items are shown in order of
increasing scope, and also so that the most often used command, 'Push to here'
is the first element on the submenu.

The new order is:

- Push to Here
- Push Selected Branch
- Push All

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         menu = QMenu(self)
         if mode == 'outgoing':
             submenu = menu.addMenu(_('Pus&h'))
-            entry(submenu, None, isrev, _('Push &All'), 'hg-push',
-                  self.pushAll)
             entry(submenu, None, isrev, _('Push to &Here'), '',
             entry(submenu, None, isrev, _('Push Selected &Branch'), '',
+            entry(submenu, None, isrev, _('Push &All'), 'hg-push',
+                  self.pushAll)
         entry(menu, None, isrev, _('&Update...'), 'hg-update',