Steve Borho committed 2b1111a

nautilus: remove 'update', 'merge' options

These are now supported by, and the nautilus
context menu is more constrained than the Windows version
so it's best to keep the nautilus menu concise.

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     def _init_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
         self._run_dialog('init', [vfs_file])
-    def _merge_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
-        self._run_dialog('merge', [vfs_file], filelist=False)
-        self.clear_cached_repo()
     def _recovery_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
         self._run_dialog('recovery', [vfs_file])
     def _thgconfig_user_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
         self._run_dialog('config', [vfs_file], filelist=False)
-    def _update_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
-        self._run_dialog('update', [vfs_file], filelist=False)
-        self.clear_cached_repo()
     def _unmerge_cb(self, window, vfs_file):
         self._run_dialog('checkout', [vfs_file], filelist=False,
                 extras=['--', '--clean', str(self.rev0)])
         item.connect('activate', self._view_cb, vfs_file)
-        item = nautilus.MenuItem('HgNautilus::update',
-                             'Checkout Revision',
-                             'Checkout revision',
-                             self.icon('menucheckout.ico'))
-        item.connect('activate', self._update_cb, vfs_file)
-        items.append(item)
-        item = nautilus.MenuItem('HgNautilus::merge',
-                             'Merge Revisions',
-                             'Merge with another revision',
-                             self.icon('menumerge.ico'))
-        item.connect('activate', self._merge_cb, vfs_file)
-        items.append(item)
         item = nautilus.MenuItem('HgNautilus::sync',
                              'Sync with another repository',