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doc: consistent naming of 'changes since...'

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 External tool configuration is deprecated and will be removed in 0.9
-Changes from 0.7 to 0.8
+Changes since 0.7
 * The :guilabel:`Show Diff` button has been removed. Diffs are always shown.
 * The commit tool no longer shows all diffs at startup. Only the first
   downloaded separately if you wish to use Qct.
-Changes from 0.6 to 0.7
+Changes since 0.6
 Large changes were made to the commit tool in the 0.7 release. The
 previous default tool, Qct, was unbundled and TortoiseHg's native commit


 future release of TortoiseHg, we hope to make this launchable from the
 shell context menu.
-Changes in 0.8
+Changes since 0.7
 * Improved error handling
 * i18n fixes


 Please consult the Mercurial documentation for the differences between
 plain patches, HG patches, Git patches, and bundles.
+Changes since 0.7
+* Path drop-down list no longer includes most-recently-used paths.  It
+  only includes configured repository paths.
+* Email dialog now has buttons for configuring in-reply-to tags and the
+  attachment types.
+* Email dialog now sends an intro message only when one has been
+  entered, regardless of patch count.
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