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Angel Ezquerra  committed 3128813

update: keep the state of the option expander and its expander button in sync

If a 'hidden' update option is checked the option expander is automatically
expanded to show the hidden options. However the state of the corresponding
expander button was not being set as well.

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  • Parent commits b372ebe
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File tortoisehg/hgqt/update.py

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             self.rev_combo.lineEdit().selectAll()  # need to change rev
         # expand options if a hidden one is checked
-        self.show_options(self.hiddenSettingIsChecked())
+        hiddenOptionsChecked = self.hiddenSettingIsChecked()
+        self.show_options(hiddenOptionsChecked)
+        expander.set_expanded(hiddenOptionsChecked)
     ### Private Methods ###
     def hiddenSettingIsChecked(self):