Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed 3cf0979

mq: do not enable both --force and --keep-changes

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         self.forcecb.setChecked(opts.get('force', False))
         self.keepcb.setChecked(opts.get('keep_changes', False))
+        for cb in [self.forcecb, self.keepcb]:
+            cb.clicked.connect(self._resolveopts)
         BB = QDialogButtonBox
         bb = QDialogButtonBox(BB.Ok|BB.Cancel)
         self.bb = bb
+    #@pyqtSlot()
+    def _resolveopts(self):
+        # cannot use both --force and --keep-changes
+        exclmap = {self.forcecb: [self.keepcb],
+                   self.keepcb: [self.forcecb],
+                   }
+        sendercb = self.sender()
+        if sendercb.isChecked():
+            for cb in exclmap[sendercb]:
+                cb.setChecked(False)
     def accept(self):
         outopts = {}
         outopts['force'] = self.forcecb.isChecked()
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