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Daniel Atallah  committed 3ee430a

shellext: Don't include ThgVersion pseudotarget in list of link params

This prevents the following warning from appearing during linking:
ThgVersion.obj : warning LNK4042: object specified more than once; extras ignored

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File win32/shellext/Makefile.nmake

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     cl /EP ThgCLSIDs-template.wxi > ThgCLSIDs.wxi
     rc /dTHG_SHELL_FNAME="$@" $(THG_EXTRA_RCFLAGS) shellext.rc
-    link /OUT:$@ $(LDFLAGS_THGSHELL) $** shellext.res
+    link /OUT:$@ $(LDFLAGS_THGSHELL) $(OBJECTS_THGSGELL) shellext.res
     mt -nologo -manifest $@.manifest -outputresource:"$@;#2"
 dirstate.exe: dirstate.obj $(OBJECTS_DIRSTATE)