Yuya Nishihara committed 5648df8

email: wrap long lines and eliminate extra spaces

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         opts['intro'] = self._qui.writeintro_check.isChecked()
         if opts['intro']:
             opts['subject'] = headertext(self._qui.subject_edit.currentText())
-            opts['desc'] = writetempfile(hglib.fromunicode(self._qui.body_edit.toPlainText()))
+            opts['desc'] = writetempfile(
+                hglib.fromunicode(self._qui.body_edit.toPlainText()))
             # TODO: change patchbomb not to use temporary file
         # Include the repo in the command so it can be found when thg is not
             if not getattr(self._qui, e).currentText():
                 return False
-        if self._qui.writeintro_check.isChecked() and not self._qui.subject_edit.currentText():
+        if (self._qui.writeintro_check.isChecked()
+            and not self._qui.subject_edit.currentText()):
             return False
         if not self._revs:
             # TODO: better way to setup diff lexer
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