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docs: Create CSS styling to center images in html.

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+ * tortoisehg.css
+ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ *
+ * TortoiseHg stylesheet
+ *
+ */
+@import url("default.css");
+/* -- figure styles ----------------------------------------------------------- */
+.figure {
+    display: block;
+    margin-left: auto;
+    margin-right: auto;
+    text-align: center;


 # The style sheet to use for HTML and HTML Help pages. A file of that name
 # must exist either in Sphinx' static/ path, or in one of the custom paths
 # given in html_static_path.
-html_style = 'default.css'
+html_style = 'tortoisehg.css'
 # The name for this set of Sphinx documents.  If None, it defaults to
 # "<project> v<release> documentation".
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