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Angel Ezquerra  committed 5e7ea53

mq: simplify the label of the 'Apply patch' context menu entry

The fact that 'Apply patch' uses qpush is not important. Also we do not show the
name of the command that is used to execute most of the other commands on the
unapplied context menu (e.g. 'Fold patches', 'Delete patches', etc).

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  • Parent commits 8821b19
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File tortoisehg/hgqt/repowidget.py

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         menu = QMenu(self)
         acts = []
         for name, cb, icon in (
-            (_('Apply patch (QPush)'), self.qpushRevision, 'hg-qpush'),
+            (_('Apply patch'), self.qpushRevision, 'hg-qpush'),
             (_('Apply onto original parent'), self.qpushExactRevision, None),
             (_('Apply only this patch'), self.qpushMoveRevision, None),
             (_('Fold patches...'), qfoldact, 'hg-qfold'),