Steve Borho committed 5fc496c

hggtk/email: switch checkboxes to radiobuttons

All the email options were mutually exclusive. Radio
buttons enforce the exclusive property.

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         self.tooltips = gtk.Tooltips()
-        self._git = gtk.CheckButton("Use extended (git) patch format")
+        self._normal = gtk.RadioButton(None, "Send changesets as HG patches")
+        vbox.pack_start(self._normal, True, True, 4)
+        self.tooltips.set_tip(self._normal, 
+                'HG patches (as generated by export command) are compatible'
+                ' with most patch programs.  They include a header which'
+                ' contains the most important changeset metadata.')
+        self._git = gtk.RadioButton(self._normal,
+                "Use extended (git) patch format")
         vbox.pack_start(self._git, True, True, 4)
                 'Git patches can describe binary files, copies, and'
                 ' permission changes, but recipients may not be able to'
                 ' use them if they are not using git or Mercurial.')
-        self._plain = gtk.CheckButton("Plain, do not prepend HG header")
+        self._plain = gtk.RadioButton(self._normal,
+                "Plain, do not prepend HG header")
         vbox.pack_start(self._plain, True, True, 4)
                 'Stripping Mercurial header removes username and parent'
                 ' information.  Only useful if recipient is not using'
                 ' Mercurial (and does not like to see the headers).')
-        self._bundle = gtk.CheckButton("Send single binary bundle, not patches")
+        self._bundle = gtk.RadioButton(self._normal,
+                "Send single binary bundle, not patches")
         vbox.pack_start(self._bundle, True, True, 4)
                 'Bundles store complete changesets in binary form.'