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TK Soh  committed 6454eaa

cmenu: support drag-n-drop repo synchronization

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  • Parent commits 657d57f
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File hgproc.py

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         return hggtk.serve.run(cwd=option['cwd'], root=option['root'])
     elif option['hgcmd'] == 'synch':
         import hggtk.synch
-        return hggtk.synch.run(root=option['root'])
+        return hggtk.synch.run(root=option['cwd'], repos=filelist)
     elif option['hgcmd'] in ['incoming', 'pull']:
         import hggtk.paths
         path = hggtk.paths.run(root=option['root'], pull=True)

File tortoise/contextmenu.py

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         if drop_repo:
             print "_get_commands_dragdrop(): drop zone is a hg repo too"
             print "drop root = %s" % drag_repo.root
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Push to"), 
-                           _("Push source into the repo here"),
-                           self._push_here))
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Pull from"), 
-                           _("Pull new change from dragged repo"),
-                           self._pull_here))
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Incoming"), 
-                           _("show new changesets found in source"),
-                           self._incoming_here))
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Outgoing"), 
-                           _("show changesets not found in destination"),
-                           self._outgoing_here))
+            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Synchronize"),
+                           _("Synchronize with dragged repository"),
+                           self._synch_here))
         return result
     def _get_commands(self):
     def _synch(self, parent_window):
         self._run_dialog('synch', True)
+    def _synch_here(self, parent_window):
+        self._run_dialog('synch', False)
     def _pull(self, parent_window):
         self._run_dialog('pull', True)