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Peer Sommerlund  committed 67fc684

thgconfig: Let dialog icon show scope

The configuration dialog now uses two icons instead of one,
so the user can look at the dialog icon and determine if
it is user settings or repo settings that are modified.

The icon for user settings shows a green man
The icon for repo settings shows a yellow barrel

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File hggtk/thgconfig.py

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             name = repo.ui.config('web', 'name') or os.path.basename(repo.root)
             self.rcpath = [os.sep.join([repo.root, '.hg', 'hgrc'])]
             self.set_title('TortoiseHg Configure Repository - ' + name)
+            shlib.set_tortoise_icon(self, 'settings_repo.ico')
             self.root = repo.root
             self.rcpath = util.user_rcpath()
             self.set_title('TortoiseHg Configure User-Global Settings')
+            shlib.set_tortoise_icon(self, 'settings_user.ico')
             self.root = None
-        shlib.set_tortoise_icon(self, 'menusettings.ico')
         self.ini = self.load_config(self.rcpath)
         # Create a new notebook, place the position of the tabs

File icons/tortoise/settings_repo.ico

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File icons/tortoise/settings_user.ico

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