Yuya Nishihara committed 6f2f436

settings: don't reset initial tab to global by addTab()

Since 6e4133f2c630, "thg repoconfig" cannot open repo tab.

If _currentFormChanged is connected before adding tabs, _activeformidx is
overwritten to 0.

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         self._activeformidx = configrepo and CONF_REPO or CONF_GLOBAL
         self.conftabs = QTabWidget()
-        self.conftabs.currentChanged.connect(self._currentFormChanged)
         utab = SettingsForm(rcpath=scmutil.userrcpath(), focus=focus)
         self.conftabs.addTab(utab, qtlib.geticon('settings_user'),
         self._restartreqs = set()
+        self.conftabs.currentChanged.connect(self._currentFormChanged)
     def isDirty(self):
         return util.any(self.conftabs.widget(i).isDirty()
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