Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed 71473dc

reporegistry: actually restore the current repository entry after model reload

After setModel(), the original _activeTabRepo is invalid. Instead, it can use
the repository path to identify the originally-active entry.

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             QTimer.singleShot(1000 * UPDATE_DELAY, self.reloadModel)
     def reloadModel(self):
+        activeroot = None
+        if self._activeTabRepo:
+            activeroot = hglib.tounicode(self._activeTabRepo.rootpath())
+            self._activeTabRepo = None  # invalid after setModel()
         oldmodel = self.tview.model()
             repotreemodel.RepoTreeModel(settingsfilename(), self,
+        if activeroot:
+            self.setActiveTabRepo(activeroot)
         self._pendingReloadModel = False
     def _getItemAndAncestors(self, it):
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