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 p4merge.diffargs=$parent $child
 p4merge.diff3args=$child $parent1 $parent2
+p4merge.checkchanged = True
 tortoisemerge.args=/base:$base /mine:$local /theirs:$other /merged:$output


 from mercurial import util, error
+    from mercurial import repoview
+    _filterrevs = repoview.filterrevs
+except ImportError: # hg < 2.5
+    def _filterrevs(repo, filtername):
+        return []
 def revision_grapher(repo, **opts):
     """incremental revision grapher
     revset = opts.get('revset', None)
     branch = opts.get('branch', None)
+    revhidden = _filterrevs(repo, 'visible')
     if revset:
         start_rev = max(revset)
         stop_rev = min(revset)
         follow = False
-        hidden = lambda rev: rev not in revset
+        hidden = lambda rev: (rev not in revset) or (rev in revhidden)
         start_rev = opts.get('start_rev', None)
         stop_rev = opts.get('stop_rev', 0)
         follow = opts.get('follow', False)
-        hidden = lambda rev: False
+        hidden = lambda rev: rev in revhidden
     assert start_rev is None or start_rev >= stop_rev


     def removeSelected(self):
         'remove selected repository'
         s = self.selitem
+        if not s:
+            return
         item = s.internalPointer()
         if 'remove' not in item.menulist():  # check capability
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