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Gilles Moris  committed 7374a2c

contrib/tortoisehg.spec: fix tortoise spec file for RPM build

The doc/build/html/.buildinfo is usually not present.
The ReleaseNotes.txt file has been removed since 7fe3d0982e15.

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File contrib/tortoisehg.spec

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 %{__python} setup.py build
 (cd doc && make html)
-rm doc/build/html/.buildinfo
+rm -f doc/build/html/.buildinfo
 %files -f %{name}.lang
-%doc COPYING.txt ReleaseNotes.txt doc/build/html/
+%doc COPYING.txt doc/build/html/
 # /usr/share/zsh/site-functions/ is owned by zsh package which we don't want to