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datamine: stop all search threads when quitting

else the python process won't quit until all searches are done,
even though the datamine window has been dismissed.

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     def get_tbbuttons(self):
         self.stop_button = self.make_toolbutton(gtk.STOCK_STOP, 'Stop', 
-                self._stop_search, tip='Stop operation on current tab')
+                self._stop_current_search, tip='Stop operation on current tab')
         return [
             self.make_toolbutton(gtk.STOCK_FIND, 'New Search', 
                 self._search_clicked, tip='Open new search tab'),
         return vbox
+    def _destroying(self, gtkobj):
+        self._stop_all_searches()
+        GDialog._destroying(self, gtkobj)
     def ann_header_context_menu(self, treeview):
         _menu = gtk.Menu()
         _button = gtk.CheckMenuItem("Filename")
             self.curpath = fromutf(model[iter][self.COL_PATH])
-    def _stop_search(self, button, widget):
+    def _stop_current_search(self, button, widget):
         num = self.notebook.get_current_page()
         frame = self.notebook.get_nth_page(num)
+        self._stop_search(frame)
+    def _stop_all_searches(self):
+        for num in xrange(self.notebook.get_n_pages()):
+            frame = self.notebook.get_nth_page(num)
+            self._stop_search(frame)
+    def _stop_search(self, frame):
         if hasattr(frame, '_mythread') and frame._mythread:
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