David Golub committed 7c8ecf0

shlib: call close() instead of rename() on Mercurial 2.0+ (fixes #1397)

The function rename() was renamed close() in the transition from Mercurial 1.9
to 2.0, breaking compatibility and causing the overlay server to crash when it
attempted to update thgstatus.

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                 s = dirstatus[dn]
                 f.write(s + dn + '\n')
                 ui.note("%s %s\n" % (s, dn))
-            f.rename()
+            if hasattr(f, 'rename'):
+                # On Mercurial 1.9 and earlier, there was a rename() function
+                # that served the purpose now served by close(), while close()
+                # served the purpose now served by discard().
+                f.rename()
+            else:
+                f.close()
         return update