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 .. module:: explorer
 	:synopsis: Windows explorer integration
+.. _explorer-context-label:
 Context Menus

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+Mercurial comes with an in-built, light-weight web server capable of serving
+a single repository for single connection. Serve does not provide user
+authentication, but does provide a convenient, ad-hoc method of synchronizing
+a repository over a local network. For more complete information on publishing
+repositories, see the Mercurial wiki article on
+`Publishing Repositories <>`_.
+From TortoiseHg
 .. module:: serve.dialog
 	:synopsis: Dialog used to start/stop the web server
 The serve tool is a wrapper for Mercurial's built-in web server. Once
 launched, a computer can connect to the http port and browse your
 repositories, perform clone, pull, or even push operations if enabled.
+The web server can be launched from either the Workbench
+(:ref:`Repository Menu <workbench-repository-label>`) or the
+:ref:`Context Menu <explorer-context-label>`.
 Toolbar buttons:

File doc/source/workbench.txt

 			View menu
+.. _workbench-repository-label:
 		Perform special actions on the active repository.