Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed 8b30a8e

mq: remap persistent indexes of PatchQueueModel only if necessary

This optimizes the common scenario like qpush and qpop. In this case,
the order of the patches is not changed, so layoutChanged is overkill.

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     def _updateCache(self):
         # optimize range of changed signals if necessary
+        repo = self._repoagent.rawRepo()
+        if self._series == repo.mq.series[::-1]:
+            self._buildCache()
+        else:
+            self._updateCacheAndLayout()
+        self.dataChanged.emit(self.index(0), self.index(self.rowCount() - 1))
+    def _updateCacheAndLayout(self):
         oldindexes = [(oi, self._series[oi.row()])
                       for oi in self.persistentIndexList()]
                 ni = QModelIndex()
             self.changePersistentIndex(oi, ni)
-        self.dataChanged.emit(self.index(0), self.index(self.rowCount() - 1))
     def _buildCache(self):
         repo = self._repoagent.rawRepo()
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