Steve Borho committed 8b64a06

hgemail: remove redundant close method, connect finished signal to deleteLater

This connection has helped other dialogs from crashing (mysteriously). So we'll
see if this aids the crashes some have been reporting when they click the send

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         for e in ('to_edit', 'from_edit'):
             getattr(self._qui, e).editTextChanged.connect(self._updateforms)
-    def close(self):
-        super(EmailDialog, self).accept()
     def accept(self):
         # TODO: want to pass patchbombopts directly
         def cmdargs(opts):
             cmd = cmdui.Dialog(['email'] + cmdargs(opts), parent=self)
             cmd.setWindowTitle(_('Sending Email'))
+            cmd.finished.connect(cmd.deleteLater)
             if cmd.exec_():
                 super(EmailDialog, self).accept()