André Sintzoff  committed 8b842f4

workbench: add missing tooltips

without these explicit tooltips, no tooltip translation is available
for the corresponding action

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         self.actionCurrentRev = \
         newaction(_("Go to current revision"), self._repofwd('gotoParent'), icon='go-home',
+                  tooltip=_('Go to current revision'),
                   enabled=True, toolbar='edit', shortcut='Ctrl+.')
         self.actionGoTo = \
         newaction(_("Go to a specific revision"), self.gotorev, icon='go-to-rev',
+                  tooltip=_('Go to a specific revision'),
                   enabled=True, toolbar='edit')
         self.actionBack = \
         newaction(_("Back"), self._repofwd('back'), icon='go-previous',