Yuya Nishihara committed 8d15a5b

workbench: send files specified by command-line to open instance (fixes #3402)

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         except ImportError:
-def connectToExistingWorkbench(root):
+def connectToExistingWorkbench(root, revset=None):
     Connect and send data to an existing workbench server
     also send "echo" to check that the connection works (i.e. that there is a
-    data = root
+    if revset:
+        data = '\0'.join([root, revset])
+    else:
+        data = root
     servername = QApplication.applicationName() + '-' + util.getuser()
     socket = QLocalSocket()
     socket.connectToServer(servername, QIODevice.ReadWrite)
             data = str(socket.readAll())
             if data and data != '[echo]':
-                uroot = hglib.tounicode(data)
+                args = data.split('\0', 1)
+                if len(args) > 1:
+                    uroot, urevset = map(hglib.tounicode, args)
+                else:
+                    uroot = hglib.tounicode(args[0])
+                    urevset = None
+                wb = self._workbench
+                if urevset:
+                    wb.setRevsetFilter(uroot, urevset)
                 # Bring the workbench window to the front
                 # This assumes that the client process has
                 # called allowSetForegroundWindow(-1) right before
                 # sending the request
-                wb = self._workbench
                 wb.setWindowState(wb.windowState() & ~Qt.WindowMinimized
                                   | Qt.WindowActive)


     if singleworkbenchmode:
         newworkbench = opts.get('newworkbench')
         if root and not newworkbench:
-            if qtapp.connectToExistingWorkbench(root):
+            if qtapp.connectToExistingWorkbench(root, _formatfilerevset(pats)):
                 # The were able to connect to an existing workbench server, and
                 # it confirmed that it has opened the selected repo for us
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