Steve Borho avatar Steve Borho committed 90e1cc6

status: double click signal was redundant with default wctxaction (fixes #848)

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-        self.doubleClicked.connect(self.onDoubleClick)
     def scrollTo(self, index, hint=QAbstractItemView.EnsureVisible):
         # don't update horizontal position by selection change
         super(WctxFileTree, self).scrollTo(index, hint)
-    def onDoubleClick(self, index):
-        if not index.isValid():
-            return
-        path = self.model().getRow(index)[COL_PATH]
-        dlg = visdiff.visualdiff(self.repo.ui, self.repo, [path], {})
-        if dlg:
-            dlg.exec_()
     def keyPressEvent(self, event):
         if event.key() == 32:
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