Peter Arrenbrecht avatar Peter Arrenbrecht committed 94abe45

hggtk/gdialog: handle empty cmd.differ entries in hgrc like hg does

Case in point:

cmd.meld =

works in hg as `hg meld`, but failed in thg when I selected meld
as my differ.

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             # default to tortoisehg's configuration
             vdiff = self.ui.config('tortoisehg', 'vdiff')
             if vdiff:
-                self.diffcmd = self.ui.config('extdiff', 'cmd.'+vdiff)
+                self.diffcmd = self.ui.config('extdiff', 'cmd.'+vdiff) or vdiff
                 self.diffcmd = 'diff'
                 if not self.diffopts :
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