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Yuki KODAMA  committed 9601890

gdialog: backed out changeset: 4868fa6c862e

'self.cmd' variable is added in GDialog.__init__() function.
So existence of 'self.cmd' variable is guaranteed.

Refs #1132

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  • Parent commits e5ee122
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File tortoisehg/hgtk/gdialog.py

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             return # close dialog
         # Cancel button or dialog closing by the user
         elif response_id in (gtk.RESPONSE_CLOSE, gtk.RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT):
-            if hasattr(self, 'cmd') and self.cmd.is_alive():
+            if self.cmd.is_alive():
                 ret = Confirm(_('Confirm Abort'), [], self,
                               _('Do you want to abort?')).run()
                 if ret == gtk.RESPONSE_YES: