Yuya Nishihara committed 9d9e943

icons: regenerate Mercurial icon to have 8bit alpha channel (fixes #2464)

Since 0fba38dab7bb appends high-resolution images without 8bit alpha channel,
the edge of the droplets is badly rendered on dark background.

This patch also adds 4bpp images according to the MSDN article. 8bpp is
omitted because there isn't much difference between 4bpp and 8bpp.

Now it contains the following images in order:

1. 4bpp, 1bit alpha, 32x32
2. 4bpp, 1bit alpha, 16x16
3. 4bpp, 1bit alpha, 12x12
4. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 128x128, PNG-compressed (for Vista or later)
5. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 64x64
6. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 48x48
7. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 32x32
8. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 16x16
9. 32bpp, 8bit alpha, 12x12

Rasterized logo-droplets.svg by Inkscape, and built ico file by GIMP.

Comments (5)

      1. Peter Hull

        I tried to post an image here but I can't see it myself, I also put it on the linked bug #2464. Thanks for your swift response, I would try and fix it myself but you are too fast!

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