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TK Soh  committed a085151

hggtk/serve: show short user names on annotate page

'hg serve --verbose' shows full user names on annotate pages, making
them a little messy to my eyes.

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File hggtk/serve.py

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         gservice = None
         q = Queue.Queue()
-        args = [self._root, q, 'serve', '--verbose', '--name', self.webname,
+        args = [self._root, q, 'serve', '--name', self.webname,
                 '--port', str(port)]
         thread = threading.Thread(target=hglib.hgcmd_toq, args=args)
                         parentui.setconfig("web", o, str(opts[o]))
                         if (repo is not None) and (repo.ui != parentui):
                             repo.ui.setconfig("web", o, str(opts[o]))
+                print "opts:", opts
                 self.httpd = server.create_server(ui, repo)
             except socket.error, inst:
                 raise util.Abort(_('cannot start server: ') + inst.args[1])
-            if not ui.verbose: return
             if self.httpd.prefix:
                 prefix = self.httpd.prefix.strip('/') + '/'