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TK Soh  committed a1567ac

context: preload custom dialogs to avoid import error at runtime

well, until we have a proper installer...

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File tortoise/contextmenu.py

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 from mercurial import hg, ui, repo
 import gpopen
 from thgutil import *
+import commitdialog
+import updatedialog
 GUI_SHELL = 'guishell'
 SIMPLE_MERGE = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), os.path.pardir, 'hgutils',
             self._run_dialog('rollback', True)
     def _commit_simple(self, parent_window):
-        import commitdialog
         targets = self._filenames or [self._folder]
         #quoted_files = [shellquote(s) for s in targets]
     def _update(self, parent_window):
-        import updatedialog
         targets = self._filenames or [self._folder]