Steve Borho committed a4a85a0

rename: make simple rename dialog UTF8 clean

Display filenames in UTF8, convert user input from UTF8
Fixes #24

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 import thread2
 from dialog import error_dialog
 from mercurial import hg, ui, mdiff, cmdutil, match, util, commands
-from hglib import toutf, diffexpand, rootpath
+from hglib import toutf, fromutf, diffexpand, rootpath
 import gtklib
     from mercurial.repo import RepoError
         if cwd: os.chdir(cwd)
         fname = util.normpath(fname)
         if target:
-            target = util.normpath(target)
-        title = 'Rename ' + fname
-        dialog = entry_dialog(None, title, True, target or fname, rename_resp)
+            target = toutf(util.normpath(target))
+        else:
+            target = toutf(fname)
+        title = 'Rename ' + toutf(fname)
+        dialog = entry_dialog(None, title, True, target, rename_resp)
         dialog.orig = fname
         dialog.connect('destroy', gtk.main_quit)
-    new_name = dialog.entry.get_text()
+    new_name = fromutf(dialog.entry.get_text())
     opts = {}
     opts['force'] = False # Checkbox? Nah.
     opts['after'] = False
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