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update release note for 0.4rc2

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 what bugs have been fixed, and what features have been added in the current
 New features in 0.4
   * Added user config 'tortoisehg.overlayicons' [True|False|localdisks],
     to enable/disable overlay icons in selected repos. The 'localdisks' 
     global option disables overlay icons for repos reside on network drives.
   * Added 'strip' and 'backout' functions to history browser.
   * Two convenience functions added to Synchronize dialog: 'View Pulled
-    Changes', and 'Update to Tip'. Also added support for Fetch extension
-    to Synchronize dialog.
+    Changes', and 'Update to Tip'. 
+  * Added support for Fetch extension to Synchronize dialog [ 1914855 ].
   * Grep searches in Datamine dialog can now be interrupted.
   * Several minor bugfixes and improvements.
-Bug Fixes in 0.4:
+Bug fixes in 0.4:
   * TortoiseHg program groups now read 'hgproc' with hg.ico.
     In earlier versions, it used 'Python' with python.ico
   * [ 1895443 ] Overlay: ThreadingModel registry setting
   * [ 1892791 ] Windows Explorer painfully slow for network drives
+Changes and bug fixes since 0.4RC1:
+  * Added buttons to stop command execution in Synchronize, Recovery,
+    as well as any dialogs that use hgcmd dialog, including Update and 
+    Clone dialogs.
+  * Show progress on status bar when updating changeset viewer.
+  * [ Feature 1944469 ] Save and recall pull-update option in Synchronize
+    dialog across sessions.
+  * [ Bug 1939794 ] Unable to Merge changes with builtin commit UI.
+  * [ Bug 1941545 ] Clone log window doesn't scroll.
+  * [ Bug 1943382 ] hgproc.bat not executable without "installer"
+  * [ Bug 1941368 ] Configure Repository "Test" button results broken.
+  * [ Bug 1939911 ] Modal Dialogs aren't staying on top on application switch
+  * [ Bug 1941376 ] hgtk with no parameters gives no help.
+  * [ Bug 1937966 ] Changelog: utf8 messages handled incorrectly
+  * [ Bug 1942777 ] National characters are not handled correctly.
 Fixes in Mercurial since 0.3:
   * qimport fixed on Windows
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