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Steve Borho  committed add2630

status: decode move target selection

I'm fairly certain this will fix #5

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File hggtk/status.py

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 from mercurial import cmdutil, util, ui, hg, commands, patch, mdiff
 from mercurial import merge as merge_
 from shlib import shell_notify
-from hglib import toutf, rootpath, diffexpand
+from hglib import toutf, fromutf, rootpath, diffexpand
 from gdialog import *
 from dialog import entry_dialog
 import hgshelve
                 return True
             # move the files to dest directory
-            move_list.append(destdir)
+            move_list.append(fromutf(destdir))
             Prompt('Nothing Moved', 'No movable files selected\n\n'