Adrian Buehlmann  committed b017ee4

Overlay: Set win32com "_reg_threading_" property to 'Apartment' (was 'Both')

win32com registers COM servers per default with a value of "Both" for the registry named value
"ThreadingModel" in the component's "InprocServer32" key, which doesn't make any sense here,
since the TortoiseHg overlay handler cannot handle free threading calls anyway (which is
implied with "Both"). Best solution would be if win32com by default would not set
"ThreadingModel". Reference: book by Rogerson, Dale: "Inside COM", page 340.

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File tortoise/

     _public_methods_ = [
         "GetOverlayInfo", "GetPriority", "IsMemberOf"
+    _reg_threading_ = 'Apartment'
     def GetOverlayInfo(self): 
         icon = thgutil.get_icon_path("status", self.icon)