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workbench: add help menu link to explorer help

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

         newaction(_("Help"), self.onHelp, menu='help', icon='help-browser')
+        newaction(_("Explorer Help"), self.onHelpExplorer, menu='help')
         visiblereadme = 'repoopen'
         if  self.ui.config('tortoisehg', 'readme', None):
             visiblereadme = True
         """ Display online help """
+    def onHelpExplorer(self, *args):
+        """ Display online help for shell extension """
+        qtlib.openhelpcontents('explorer.html')
     def onReadme(self, *args):
         """ Display the README file or URL for the current repo, or the global README if no repo is open"""
         readme = None