kiilerix  committed c6ad5c7

install: changes for building a "good" 2.0 tar ball

This allows me to do
python clean sdist
and create a correctly versioned tar ball that also contains
* i18n/*.py
* tortoisehg/hgqt/*.ui
but doesn't contain old locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/ files

With the created tar ball I can do
python build install
and build rpms for Fedora.

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Files changed (3)

 include contrib/mergetools.rc
 include contrib/tortoisehg.desktop
 include COPYING.txt
-recursive-include i18n *.po
+include tortoisehg/hgqt/*.ui
+recursive-include i18n *.po *.py
 recursive-include doc *
 recursive-exclude doc/build *
         cls._wrappeduic = True
 class clean_local(Command):
-    pats = ['*.py[co]', '*', '*', '*.orig', '*.rej']
+    pats = ['*.py[co]', '*', '*', '*.mo', '*.orig', '*.rej']
     excludedirs = ['.hg', 'build', 'dist']
     description = 'clean up generated files (%s)' % ', '.join(pats)
     user_options = []

File tortoisehg/util/

     repo = hg.repository(u, path=thgpath)
-    commands.identify(u, repo, id=True, tags=True)
+    commands.identify(u, repo, id=True, tags=True, rev='.')
     l = u.popbuffer().split()
     while len(l) > 1 and l[-1][0].isalpha(): # remove non-numbered tags