Angel Ezquerra committed c9aa972

merge: improve merge "cancel" message

Explain how the user can really cancel the merge by updating to any of the
parent revisions.

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     def canExit(self):
         if len(self.repo.parents()) == 2:
             main = _('Do you want to exit?')
-            text = _('To finish merging, you need to commit '
-                     'the working directory.')
+            text = _('To finish merging, you must commit '
+                     'the working directory.\n\n'
+                     'To cancel the merge you can update to one '
+                     'of the merge parent revisions.')
             labels = ((QMessageBox.Yes, _('&Exit')),
                       (QMessageBox.No, _('Cancel')))
             if not qtlib.QuestionMsgBox(_('Confirm Exit'), main, text,