Yuya Nishihara committed caadeb1

guess: remove cancel flag of RenameSearchThread

It should be superseded by KeyboardInterrupt.

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         self.ufiles = ufiles
         self.minpct = minpct
         self.copies = copies
-        self.stopped = False
         self.threadid = None
     def run(self):
         tid = self.threadid
         if tid is None:
-        self.stopped = True
             thread2._async_raise(tid, KeyboardInterrupt)
         except ValueError:
         exacts = []
         gen = similar._findexactmatches(repo, added, removed)
         for o, n in gen:
-            if self.stopped:
-                return
             old, new = o.path(), n.path()
             self.match.emit([old, new, 1.0])
         removed = [r for r in removed if r.path() not in exacts]
         gen = similar._findsimilarmatches(repo, added, removed, self.minpct)
         for o, n, s in gen:
-            if self.stopped:
-                return
             old, new, sim = o.path(), n.path(), s
             self.match.emit([old, new, sim])