Steve Borho committed ccd2e8c

wix: add subrepos.txt to help folder

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   <?define = {5C276050-DDDD-49FB-86ED-C636FD629242} ?>
   <!-- help.wxs -->
-  <?define helpFolder.guid = {006BB470-CA6B-4AC9-9F5E-7EEFEED81C11} ?>
+  <?define helpFolder.guid = {B43FC643-9B06-4FF5-AFD4-9EEB13B5F83A} ?>
   <!-- i18n.wxs -->
   <?define i18nFolder.guid = {3115A038-CA56-4413-97C1-6F0070D6034C} ?>


           <File Name="patterns.txt" />
           <File Name="revisions.txt" />
           <File Name="revsets.txt" />
+          <File Name="subrepos.txt" />
           <File Name="templates.txt" />
           <File Name="urls.txt" />
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