Steve Borho committed ce60406

installer: add a hgrc.d/editortools.rc to the installer

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+; TortoiseHg 2.8 adds the ability to detect editors on your system
+; and use them optimally,
+; $LINENUM and $SEARCH are key-phrases. If you specify them in a
+; bracketed section and those parameters are not passed to the editor,
+; the entire bracketed phrase is removed from the command line.
+; $FILE is optional. If it is not expanded in any phrase, the filename
+; will be appended at the end of the command line.  When $FILE is
+; specified, only one file may be opened by the editor (remaining
+; filenames are dropped)
+gvim.executable = ${ProgramFiles(x86)}/Vim/Vim73/gvim.exe
+gvim.args = -f [-c':set hls' -c'/$SEARCH/'] [+$LINENUM $FILE]
+emacs.args = [+$LINENUM $FILE] [--eval '(highlight-regexp "$SEARCH")']
+gedit.args = [+$LINENUM]
+scite.args = ["-open:$FILE" -goto:$LINENUM] ["-find:$SEARCH"]
+notepadpp.executable = Notepad++
+notepadpp.args = ["$FILE" -n$LINENUM] -multiInst -nosession
+textpad.executable = TextPad
+textpad.args = [$FILE($LINENUM)]
+sublime.executable = sublime_text
+sublime.args = [$FILE:$LINENUM]
+textwrangler.executable = edit
+textwrangler.args = [+$LINENUM --wait $FILE]
+textmate.executable = mate
+textmate.args = --wait [--line $LINENUM $FILE]


   <?define mercurial.rc.guid = {97EC54BA-02F7-40CD-B876-0572AF7D894B} ?>
   <?define mergetools.rc.guid = {EA7F7766-FC75-489F-91AE-3B16E5FE936E} ?>
+  <?define editortools.rc.guid = {DA15A594-0DE2-4A2A-8CFB-B7EC7B13E346} ?>
   <?define mergepatterns.rc.guid = {3372ED83-BCE1-4AD3-B5EA-65158C715B54} ?>
   <?define paths.rc.guid = {2D94117B-32EC-4507-8E77-AF9D5BC5EA87} ?>
   <?define cacert.pem.guid = {37D0A0FC-817D-4DD0-8A07-3841E13092E6} ?>


               <File Id='mergetools.rc' Name='MergeTools.rc' ReadOnly='yes'
+            <Component Id='editortools.rc' Guid='$(var.editortools.rc.guid)' Win64='$(var.IsX64)'>
+              <File Id='editortools.rc' Name='EditorTools.rc' ReadOnly='yes'
+                    Source='contrib\editortools.rc'
+              />
             <Component Id="mergepatterns.rc" Guid='$(var.mergepatterns.rc.guid)' Win64='$(var.IsX64)'>
               <File Id='mergepatterns.rc' Name='MergePatterns.rc'
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