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Steve Borho  committed d775220

hggtk: fix tooltips on Windows

Apparently these hacks are not required with newer versions of PyGtk, like
I have on my Ubuntu box.

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File hggtk/hgemail.py

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         vbox.pack_start(scrolledwindow, True, True, 4)
-        frame.add(vbox)
-        self.tooltips.set_tip(frame, 
+        eventbox = gtk.EventBox()
+        eventbox.add(vbox)
+        frame.add(eventbox)
+        self.tooltips.set_tip(eventbox, 
                 'Patch series description is sent in initial summary'
                 ' email with [PATCH 0 of N] subject.  It should describe'
                 ' the effects of the entire patch series.  When emailing'

File hggtk/thgconfig.py

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                 ('From:', 'email.from', [],
                     'Email address to use in "From" header and SMTP envelope'),
                 ('To:', 'email.to', [],
-                    'Comma-separated list of recipients'' email addresses'),
+                    'Comma-separated list of recipient email addresses'),
                 ('Cc:', 'email.cc', [],
-                    'Comma-separated list of carbon copy recipients'' email'
+                    'Comma-separated list of carbon copy recipient email'
                     ' addresses'),
                 ('Bcc:', 'email.bcc', [],
-                    'Comma-separated list of blind carbon copy recipients'' '
-                    'email addresses'),
+                    'Comma-separated list of blind carbon copy recipient'
+                    ' email addresses'),
                 ('method:', 'email.method', ['smtp'],
 'Optional. Method to use to send email messages. If value is "smtp" (default),'
 ' use SMTP (configured below).  Otherwise, use as name of program to run that'
             lbl = gtk.Label(label)
             hbox = gtk.HBox()
-            self.tooltips.set_tip(combo, tooltip)
-            self.tooltips.set_tip(lbl, tooltip)
-            hbox.pack_start(lbl, False, False, 4)
+            eventbox = gtk.EventBox()
+            self.tooltips.set_tip(eventbox, tooltip)
+            eventbox.add(lbl)
+            hbox.pack_start(eventbox, False, False, 4)
             hbox.pack_start(combo, True, True, 4)
             vbox.pack_start(hbox, False, False, 4)