Adrian Buehlmann  committed dc0395b

shellext: increase max runtime limit for ::PathIsDirectory calls

Oddly enough, I'm seeing tick counts up to ~100 for single PathIsDirectory
calls after a cold start of my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (1 tick is 1 ms) --
despite using decent hardware (Intel Q9400 quad core qith 4GB RAM).

Since first (bad) impression counts, let's loosen that safety net a bit.

(Note that if the time limit is execeeded, we get no overlay icon on the
affected directories.)

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File win32/shellext/QueryDirstate.cpp

         // we require a higher speed for showing overlays on repo roots,
         // since we will do considerably more file accesses compared
         // to showing icons just *inside* repos
-        if (ticks > 50 /* ms */)
+        if (ticks > 150 /* ms */)
             file_access_is_unacceptably_slow = true;
             goto exit;